Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quad Bike Tour February 4th 2012

Quad Bike Tour

On our fourth and final day on Easter Island we hired a four wheel quad bike for NZ $87.00 for a 24 hour period.  They fitted us with good helmets.  We went all over the island and viewed some of the lesser visited historical sites.  By the end of the day Paul said to me “I’m about Moai-ed out”. We had seen so many Moai, - some upright, some fallen, some intact, some broken into pieces, some with a red Pukao top knot on the tops of their head, some small and some huge, all looking remarkably similar.  And I replied to Paul “I’m about quad biked out.” We had covered about 50 km along bumpy dirty red roads all with the hot sun beating down on us.

So we finished with a swim at a small sandy bay and drove back via the inland route through stands of eucalyptus trees which have successfully been introduced.  We called in at the Pukao (top knot) quarry and saw unfinished top knots laying in the grass.

The restaurant with the delicious freshly caught fish served us another beautiful dinner and we sat on the balcony looking out over the sea towards the sunset with a huge Moai silhouetted against the sunset.  A classic postcard picture.

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