Sunday, December 2, 2012

Leaving Pitcairn Island

Departure day

Today (2.12.2012) is our departure day.  We leave with mixed emotions.  I feel sad to leave this beautiful island behind.  Can you believe there are still places that I have not had a chance to explore? It has been a wonderful year for us – full of personal growth and challenges and we are so thankful that we have had the opportunity to be here.

 We got up early at 5:30am and rode on the quad bike to the Highest Point to watch the sunrise.  We could see the Claymore II anchored down at Tedside.  We will board at 5:00pm this afternoon.

There she is at anchor
Will we ever return?  I would like to think that one day we may have the opportunity but this is quite possibly the last we will see of beautiful Pitcairn.

Goodbye and God Bless.

Farewell at the Church

Farewell at the Church

Paul’s final sermon was held at the Seventh Day Adventist Church on Pitcairn Island on the 2nd December.  There was a good turnout of people attending to say farewell to us and to welcome to Jean-Claude and Esperance Honoura as new pastors.

Esperance and Jean-Claude Honoura - New Pastors

The farewell luncheon held afterwards was a feast.
We felt privileged to hear the speeches and to receive the beautiful gifts.  The lidded basket made by Daphne Warren has my name 'RUTH' and 'PITCAIRN ISLAND' woven into the panadanus strips.  The dolphin was carved by Dennis Christian.

We will always hold you close to our hearts.