Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1800's Woman

My morning consisted of making up milk powder for fresh milk, making the bread, planting the seeds and keeping an eye on the water tank pump! All this before heading off to school.  I feel like a woman from the 1800's.

One interesting thing was the kids at school got a letter from William and Kate. Apparently they wrote to them last year congratulating them on their wedding.  And now they have replied.

Also I have another wasp sting. My sixth one in 3 weeks.  My hand is very swollen. I've been clearing the 'jungle' surrounding the house ready to plant it out in a vegetable garden and the paper wasps have little nests hanging off plants that you can't even see. I've started a mini nursery to get my seedlings underway.  The rain has softened the ground and it is perfect for planting. Paul took a photo of me when I wasn't expecting it as I scrubbed the mud off everything after gardening. It's not my best look.

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