Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pitcairn Quad Bike Licence

Our Quad Bike

Pitcairn Quad Bike Licence

The main way of getting around Pitcairn island is on the quad bike. Most families own one and the most common sort seems to be the Honda 300 4x wheel drive. The island policeman Bill Lambie said that we should sit our driving test as soon as possible.  Paul was keen to get his licence straight away but I feel that I need a bit of practice before I am ready.

On the second day Bill led Paul up to Aute Valley to put the bike and Paul through some island manoeuvres.  Hill starts, turning in tight situations, reversing near cliffs and descending down steep narrow places was all par for the course. It was good that Paul passed and is now the happy owner of a Pitcairn Driving Licence valid for one year at a cost of NZ $10.
Road around Pitcairn

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