Saturday, February 18, 2012

Exploring Pitcairn Island

Ruth sitting at the highest point of the island

Exploring Pitcairn Island

With Paul now the owner of a Pitcairn quad bike driver’s licence, it was time to explore the island. I sat on the back of the bike and we went up to the top of the island.  Even though the island is small, being only 3.5 km long, it has a lot of visual impact and character. The views are magnificent and the contrast of colours is wonderful.  The island itself is red and gold rock and the foliage a variety of greens.  The coast line is very rugged and the constant presence of heavy surf crashing in against the coast sets the atmosphere.  The sea is the dominating factor here.  It cannot be ignored and it must be held in healthy respect.
A muddy St. Paul's pool after the slip

At the top of the island we saw old buildings housing short wave radio equipment and nearby, tall aerials, all with an air of quiet neglect, relics of a past era before the days of the internet. There is also a weather station to supply information to the New Zealand Meteorological Service.  This is still in current use. 

Further along we went past the rubbish dump.  This is a dug out area about the size of a school swimming pool.  Black plastic bags full of household  rubbish and old appliances and the usual rubbish that any society has to deal with was there. I guess when that pit is full it will be covered over with soil. 

Wild goats roamed around nearby looking at us curiously.  They did not seem particularly afraid. We went up to the point called Ship's Landing which gives a good view out to sea and from there we could look straight down on Bounty Bay. On our ride around the island we  noticed numerous long drop toilets at various strategic places. 

We felt happy and exhilarated to be here.  

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