Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flapping the Deep Freezer lid

It has been a very busy day for everyone here on Pitcairn island. The 'Claymore' supply ship arrived with all the goods from New Zealand, including our household items and school supplies. Then a second ship arrived called the Princess Danae.  The captain of the Princess Danae invited everyone to go out to the ship for a Pirate Party and barbecue tea. Many of the islanders have taken him up on his offer and I can see the ship all lit up like a Christmas tree out in the harbour from where I am sitting.  It is now nearly 11 pm and the power is still on which is a treat as it usually is turned off at 10 pm. I can also hear the music so it sounds like they are all having a good time.  Paul has gone out there dressed up as a pirate complete with a parrot on his shoulder.
Spot the real pirate!
Pirate Pawl Warren
Paul Shelling

I chose to stay at home after a day teaching in the classroom and so many boxes awaiting to be unpacked back here at the house. I got so hot during the evening as I worked hard carrying boxes and unpacking.  When I opened the freezer to sample the ice cream that has just arrived, the cold of the freezer felt so cool and lovely that I was tempted to stand there flapping the lid and cooling down. Definitely not a good idea!

Inside our house. What a mess. Unloading boxes.


  1. Had 3 days away in campervan. Went to Port Underwood but weather no good. Ended up at Elaine Bay for picture perfect blue sky days. Took inflatible kayak and caught spotties and cod for tea. Have got the kayaking bug and keen to try an overnight trip before the summer is finished. Which is best for you; comment here or personal email?

  2. Ruth, we heard someone donated a video camera to the school. I'd like to correspond with you about a couple of possible video projects the children would benefit from involvement becoming videographers. Plus it could be financially advantageous.

    thaugen1 at yahoo dot com