Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Unhappy seedlings

I dug up the 'lawn' to create a vegetable garden.  I scrounged for rotted sawdust, sand, ashes, seaweed and other compost material and dug them into the soil.  Then I planted out the seeds.  I could not believe how fast they grew.
BUT I had not counted on the torrential rain that washed my little seedlings out. However, as they say... "Failure is just the stepping stone to success".  On went my thinking hat and out of the dark damp shed I emerged with a box of old glass louver windows.  In went more seeds and then I made little 'A' frame cloches with the glass as a canopy over the seeds.  Maybe this time I might have more success.
In the meantime I'm swapping vegetables for baking with Carol Warren, Pitcairn's gardening genius.

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