Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Grocery Order

Imagine sitting down and working out a grocery order for three months. I'm having trouble getting my head around it. The dry goods are one part. Then you need to think about frozen items which don't travel well. The peas in our freezer taste like they have been thawed and refrozen a few times on the way here. Dairy items are OK if they are reasonably solid, but once they are here I have to think where I can store them as I only have a small fridge area. So the cheese and butter go into the deep freezer. So does the bread which has been in the freezers on the ship. The time it takes from leaving the ship until it gets into our deep freeze is probably one and a half hours, so it is thawed and then refrozen.

We can also order fresh produce. This time I am going to order red cabbage and pumpkin, onions and potatoes and carrots. These all have a reasonable shelf life, but probably won't last for three months.

Apart from groceries there are hardware items and chemist shop items which I'll have to ask family members to shop for. It is surprising what Countdown can supply.

It is a privilege that we have this service of a supply ship and I am thankful.

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