Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pitcairn Church

Pitcairn Church

Aerial view of Seventh Day Adventist Church

Pastor Ray Codling's last Sabbath

Here on Pitcairn we have a lovely historical church building. The title above the door says Seventh Day Adventist. However, the reality is that people from different denominations and walks of life attend this church and it has more of an inter-denominational flavour. For the past six years Pastor Ray Codling and his wife Ann have pastored this church. It hasn't been an easy time to pastor this church and the congregation has dwindled due to a number of reasons. The Seventh Day Adventist church has recalled Ray from his position. Last Saturday was the last Sabbath day for Ray and Ann. Later that day, they boarded the Claymore II (supply ship) and departed for New Zealand. That leaves the church in a new position without a paid pastor.

Having a personal faith in God and trusting Him to help us with our daily living has always been an important part of life for Paul and I. The fact that the church has no pastor does not make us feel insecure. In fact we feel that it could be a time for a fresh new start in the church. There are plenty of people here that can take an active role. Paul is more than happy to preach and teach, plus he has experience in church leadership.. He has done so in the past in other situations. The school teaching job is here is just for one teacher and yet there are two of us both trained and working at the school. Taking a 50% school teaching role each, leaves us with spare time to help out with the church.

The people of this island have been through a great deal of anguish in the past ten years with plenty of negative media attention. It is a perfect time to make a positive new beginning and the church is one place that can help to bring healing and reconciliation.

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  1. This is a most positive outlook and one of Faith for the future.