Friday, March 16, 2012

National Geographic Expedition Visits Pitcairn Island

National Geographic Expedition Visits Pitcairn Island

Between 15th – 19th March the island is hosting the thirteen members of the National Geographic team.  The expedition leader is Enric Sala from Spain and his team consists of eleven men and two women.  From Pitcairn, the team will travel to the other islands in the Pitcairn group – Ducie, Oeno and Henderson, spending four days at each island.  The overall purpose of their expedition is to survey and describe the bio-diversity of the waters surrounding these four islands.  Under the sea they will note and count species of fish.  In addition to the survey of the marine life, land based Mike Fay, will explore the land to view and photograph birds, plants, corals and algae.  He will also study how successful the rat eradication programme on Henderson Island has been. 

Andrew Randall from Pitcairn Island will accompany the National Geographic team, so we hope to hear more from him once the trip has finished.

The outcome of all this will be a TV documentary that will be shown later in the year.  We look forward to this.  In the meantime if you want a taste of what is to come you can follow the adventures of the National Geographic team on their blog site.  One of the team members updates it approximately every three days.  The reference is

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