Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We are currently on Easter Island en route to Pitcairn Island. We had a great time in Tahiti even though it was only for just one night. I'll post a few photos once I have access to everything. We are both well and enjoying the trip.We watched an awesome dance routine at the local Easter Island community hall.  There were about 300 people involved.  The culture and language seem  very similar to Maori culture We hope to do a tour around the island tomorrow to see the great big stone statues.

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  1. Dear Paul and Ruth,
    I will follow your journey. I am a Friend of Pitcairn and have the pleasure of seeing this Island from the deck of a frieghter going south and then back north ( that is another , and my story.) You are on an exciting adventure
    and many of us are "with you" in spirit, and would actually enjoy being with you..Thank you for the opportunity to "hear" your words and see your photos! Wanda LeBlanc-Cochee ( from Ventura,CA. USA