Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quad Bike Day

The quad bike training was way out of my comfort zone. I'm gonna have to toughen up to survive on Pitcairn. It felt like I had to drive/slide down a muddy sky scraper with potholes in the side , crab along sideways at the bottom and then drive back up to the top on the other side, all in the pouring rain. The instructor said he was trying to simulate conditions we might face on Pitcairn. We covered 50 km through forest and it took 4 hours of riding, all on my first time driving a quad bike ... but it definitely won't be my last as this is the form of transport we will have on the island. That was yesterday. Today my arms feel about 6 cm longer and the sockets of my shoulders need realigning. Needless to say Paul thought it was fun. I'm sure all the Pitcairn Islanders would have thought that it was just an ordinary day. 


  1. Just finding my way around this site. You'll be able to add 4 wheel driving to your next CV. Safe travels tomorrow. K in the shed, still coffin building.

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