Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Training Day in Auckland

The Pitcairn Island Office is in Queen Street, Auckland. It is on the 17th floor of a tall multi-storied glass sky scraper. The office is part of the British High Commission so we have to go through a series of locked doors to get in. It has a great view out over the city to the sea. Walking up the street twice a day is a feat in itself. There are crowds of people all going opposite ways. I just stream line in behind some large man who seems to be walking purposefully and the crowds seem to part for him!

The  Keeping Children Safe training day today was very interesting and included 4 short 10 minute videos to watch of different abuse scenarios. Paul and I had to watch the videos and spot the contributing factors that added up to an abuse case in each situation. There was emotional abuse in each case. It was quite sad to watch and I just wanted to reach out and help the kids. I'm guessing it will take a full generation of children to grow up on a much safer Pitcairn in order to turn the situation around. Hopefully Paul and I can be part of the solution.

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