Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boat Training on the Auckland Harbour

Ruth at the helm

PRADA zoomed past close to us
"Turn the helm to port and bring her about.  Good, good.  Now toss the painter to John and he can secure her to the cleat," yelled Baz our instructor at the Marine Coastguard training day. I nervously looked down at my right hand to check that it had a big capital 'P' on it to make sure it was the port side. Oops I should have kept my eyes on the rapidly approaching wharf. The boat gave a bit of a whack as I parked it. But then I put it into reverse with a jerk and gave Baz a fright and he nearly lost his balance. Such are the joys of teaching me to drive a boat and park it correctly.  Now I'm an expert and will be able to drive the Pitcairn Long boat! (Yeah Right !) I'm even getting a certificate to prove it. Paul thinks otherwise. His highlight of the day was when PRADA the world class sailing yacht came zooming past us. It was a fabulous day even if I do have a bit of a dehydration headache.  I didn't want to drink too much out there in the hot sun as there wasn't a loo to be seen on our 5 metre aluminium and inflatable boat and I was the only woman.


  1. Sounds like your orientation is going well ... what a mixture of stuff you've been up to.
    Great to hear how things are going.
    Keep up the practice with the boat stuff Ruth - you never know - that long boat might not be such an impossible dream!! Will you have access to your "own" boat on the island?
    All the best for your travels ...

    1. I did send my kayak on the ship so if the water is calm enough I will be able to get out on that.

  2. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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