Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pitcairn Island School

View of Pulau School from below

Pulau School is situated at the end of the Adamstown main road on Pitcairn Island.  It is a well appointed school with a pleasant sea view out towards the north. The grounds slope steeply, however there is a small concreted area at the entrance which is used extensively for play.  The lower dirt field has very little grass.  A trampoline sits under the mango tree.  A long veranda extends the length of the school and provides welcome shade. The grounds are surrounded by mature trees and a banana grove. The Eco Trail out to Christian’s Cave passes the lower boundary of the school.
View of the rear of school from the entrance driveway

Inside the school, the main classroom is spacious with an adjoining library, storeroom, and a kitchen which doubles as a pre-school. 

Fans, children's desks, filing cabinets, stage seating, teacher's whiteboard station, flat screen TV
The door to the rear leads into the library. 

Pre-school table and pre-school resource shelves

Kitchen and Art area share the pre-school space

The school has a good range of resources built up over the years by past teachers.  There are ample art supplies, numeracy and literacy resources and children’s reading books although some of these are getting quite dated. 
Junior Readers and School Journals

Computer Bay

In the computer area there are five laptop computers for the children’s use.  Internet access is difficult and expensive and children are only allowed on-line with permission for essential projects. 

In addition to the teacher publications and pupils’ books, desks, tables and shelves, the school has a small HP Laser jet photocopier, a large flat screen TV, a small CD player, filing cabinets, whiteboard, ceiling fans, guillotine, laminator, binder and a moveable teaching station.  All of these resources make for pleasant teaching.  If additional resources are required it has been easy to put in a request and there seems to be sufficient in the budget.  Teachers need to think well in advance of supplies needed for specific projects and order them to arrive on the previous supply ship.

2012 Art work taught by Ruth Shelling


  1. Thank you for sharing this! Very interesting.

    Juat wondering, is there any secondary provision on the island?

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Very interesting.

    Juat wondering, is there any secondary provision on the island?

  3. I can teach from the Heart of the Matter.

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