Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pitcairn Island General Store

Pitcairn General Store

The general Store is operated by a team of four.  Olive Christian and Brian Young are usually to found serving behind the counter. Steve Christian and Ariel Brown work on administration and accounts.

After the arrival of the supply ship every three months, the shelves are bulging with the usual array of goods you would find in any New Zealand supermarket.  The freezers are full to the brim and the chiller cabinets are topped up with cheeses and delicatessen items.  As the weeks go by, the items on the shelves slowly diminish.  There is a good range of items but you will not find endless brands of any one product. 
Wine and Cheese and confectionary

If you require specialist goods you need to order these on your own private order and wait for the supply ship to come again.

You can buy all kinds of canned goods and dry goods, household cleaners, drinks, frozen items and hardware. There are no fresh vegetables for sale. Some frozen meats and chicken are available in the freezers. Butter, cheese and eggs are usually available for the first few weeks after the supply ship but these tend to run out before the dry goods.

Pay at the counter using cash or have an island account

The Pitcairn General Store opens 8:30-9:30am three times per week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.  This coincides with the other businesses that open these days; the Post Office, Finance department, the hardware Warehouse and the Divisional Managers Office, which also houses the Library and loans out DVDs.