Sunday, June 10, 2012

Birthday Fishing Trip for Paul

Birthday Fishing Trip for Paul

Clear skies. Warm June sun.  Three men in a boat.  Trolling for some really big fish.  Three hours later four big Wahoo fish are on board. 

Now comes the job of filleting and bagging up the fish.  Paul landed two of the four fish.  We took one home which is fair as Vaine provides the boat and the lures.  One large fish yielding 20kgs of filleted fish is more than enough for our needs.

 Wahoo is a firm fish that you can cut into small round fillets and the fillets have rings like a cut open onion.  Our cat could smell the fish arriving home and she was ready and waiting for her plateful.

The fish we took home was 1.7 metres long.  Paul’s a happy chappy.

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