Saturday, June 9, 2012

Discovery TV Film Crew Visit Pitcairn Island

Discovery TV Film Crew Visit Pitcairn Island

Discovery TV which has an audience of 38 million people sent a film crew to Pitcairn Island.  The company called Pilot Productions, based in London is filming a travel project of the South Pacific for a programme called “Globe Trekker”.  Of interest to them is the culture, the lifestyle, food, environment and activities of the islands of the Pacific. 

Ian Sciacaluga (aka “Lord Shack of Mole”) is the director and he along with his team arrived on Pitcairn Island on 7th June for a three day intensive filming schedule.  Zay is the commentary man and Nigel is the guy behind the camera. 

Friday morning saw the team at Pulau School filming the children participating in their once a week Pitcairn Island Culture lesson.  It was an interesting hour for the children and gave them all an inside appreciation of the collection of footage for a film.  We look forward to seeing the results in the future. 

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  1. Between Discovery TV and National Geographic, I hope that this helps all the Residents of Pitcairn with visitors and sales of their Honey, stamps and other items they sell.