Monday, August 6, 2012

Pitcairn Island Prison 2012

                                            Aerial View of Prison complex

Pitcairn Island Prison 2012

It seems that one of the buildings of Pitcairn Island’s empty prison may get a new lease of life if the current proposal for a Community Cultural Centre goes ahead.  The prison is a substantial building close to the main hub of Adamstown.  At present it sits behind the high fence neglected by all.  Chickens and children squeeze through the gap in the gate and gather the fruit that is wasting on the tress within the confines.
Passionfruit now grows over the gate

A document outlining possible uses for the prison complex has been created by the tourism co-ordinator and distributed to the residents of Pitcairn Island.   Comments and feedback from the community are welcome.  A craft market, library, sailing club and community meeting room are all put forward as being legitimate uses for the deserted building.

The dining room would become a craft market area

Disused existing bedrooms would become the new library, sailing club, community meeting room

When visiting yachties arrive they could use the sailing club facilities for relaxing, laundry and internet.  The craft market could be used as a semi-permanent set up for locally made crafts and products such as honey.
The lower building is the one proposed for use

These ideas are all in the planning stages and will be put to council for consideration. 

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