Monday, September 3, 2012

Christian's Cave Pitcairn Island

Climbing up to Christian’s Cave

Christians Cave is a dominant feature on the cliff face above Adamstown.  The triangular shape appears to be deeper than it actually is because of the strong dark shadows on the cliff face.  Climbing up there is not for the faint hearted.  From the cave you get a good view out over Adamstown and out to sea. 

The track up to the cave starts from the end of the Eco Trail.  The tough strong grass that grows on the cliff face is called “grab-a-leg”.  The seed pods from this nasty little plant hook into your socks and shorts and any bare skin. The barbs are like little cactus needles.

                                                                       Nearly There

Today I climbed up there with two companions and felt a sense of achievement as I stood in the cave.  The floor of the cave is flat and has a liberal covering of goat droppings all over it. As you climb up there you by-pass two smaller ‘caves’ (on the lower right as you look at the top photo).

Looking out of the cave towards Adamstown
Of interest on the way is a tunnel that goes through the rock and gives a view up the valley. You can climb through this tunnel safely.
The rock tunnel

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