Monday, October 8, 2012

St Paul’s Pool Pitcairn Island

St Paul’s Pool

The jewel in the crown that is Pitcairn is surely St Paul’s Pool.  We have been here for eight months and yesterday we managed to swim in this beautiful rock pool. 
Ruth swimming in the pool
The two huge pillars on each side
 We have visited the pool many times but on these occasions we found it to be too dangerous for swimming. The strong waves crash into the pool between two high pillars.  At times the waves crash right over top of these which is an amazing sight. The waves flood the pool and then a strong current flows out the other end like a river going back out to open sea.  In the past people have been caught in the current and swept out. It pays to ask the locals for advice for when to swim.

Descending the wooden steps to the pool

The pool itself is teeming with life.  Many varieties of fish and sea creatures live in it. Paul and I tried our camera underwater and were pleased with the results.
My height gives persepective to the size of the pillars.
The waves crash right over top of these in rough weather.
The pool has numerous species of fish
An eel came out to see what I was doing with my camera

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