Monday, October 8, 2012

Long Ridge on Pitcairn Island

Long Ridge
One of the best walks on Pitcairn Island is down Long Ridge to Water Valley and then back up the Water Valley Road. This walk offers wonderful views of Tedside on the western side of Pitcairn.
Descending the upper part of Long Ridge.
Matt's Rock and Young's Rock in the sea

View of Long Ridge taken from Gannet's Ridge
As you descend the rocky ridge you have a view behind you looking up to Gannets Ridge. 

Looking back up towards the top
To your right you are looking toward the ridge of Christian’s Cave.  Ahead of you is the panorama of Water Valley and Tedside.  The circular donut ring of rock in the water is called 'Garden'.  The rock jutting out into the sea is called 'Isthmus'.  This will be the site of the western Harbour that will be built providing additonal access to Pitcairn in bad weather.

Water Valley below the ridge

The ridge itself is solid rock so even though the drops are sheer
you feel confident that your feet won’t slip.It is relatively easy to climb down
Brenda Christian and Ruth sitting enjoying the view before descending from the ridge
and climbing down to Water Valley along the cliff edge.

An aerial view of Long Ridge


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