Monday, October 8, 2012

Red Ridge on Pitcairn Island

Red Ridge
Red coloured soil on the ridge
Gudgeon’s Cave is directly below the Red Ridge.
Having negotiated the Down Rope climb we were ready for more.  Brenda Christian suggested going down Red Ridge.  Red Ridge is named after the colour of the soil in that area.  I looked at an aerial photo that showed the ridge line from out at sea but I could not imagine how anyone would be able to climb down there. 
Descending the ridge

But Brenda led the way and we followed, down the Red Ridge across a large slip formed during the February 2012 floods and up the ridge on the opposite side of the slip.  We were walking on the edge of a cliff for much of the way. 
Looking over the edge
Very steep with not a lot of handholds
 In the next photo you can see the Red Ridge in the background that we descended.  Then we crossed a large slip and climbed the ridge on the side in the foreground. It was a wonderful day. What a truly magnificent island Pitcairn is. 

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