Saturday, April 14, 2012

The music of Bach played in the Pitcairn church.

The music of Bach played in the Pitcairn church.
Today we had a real treat at church when accomplished pianist Peter Letkemann played for us in the service.  Peter is of German descent and his passion is music.  He said that visiting Pitcairn Island fulfilled a personal dream of his and that playing music in the church today the 14th March was really special.  We thought it was too and the whole service was based around music and singing.  We especially appreciated his rendition of Bach’s Praeludium No.1 in C Major.

Another visitor, Tony Probes, requested hymn 401.  This number coincides with ship's building number of the Titanic and was a fitting way to remember the sinking of the Titanic exactly 100 years ago to the day!

Paul spoke for about 8 minutes bringing a simple message about the way that our singing and music can glorify God and bring us into his presence.

And then, what better way to finish than singing the firm island favourite “In the Sweet Bye and Bye”.

Peter played again for us on the 21st April and more than 30 people attended.

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  1. Awesome.Love music. Good to see Paul in the picture preaching the word.