Thursday, April 26, 2012

ANZAC Day on Pitcairn

ANZAC Day on Pitcairn

There is not a lot of call for wearing a suit or high heels on Pitcairn Island. However ANZAC Day was one of those days when people dressed smartly. Pitcairners turned out in force early on the day to remember those who sacrificed their lives that we might all enjoy peace and freedom. Mike Lupton-Christian commented that when he put his hand in his suit pocket he found the order of the service sheet for Remembrance Day back in November.

The square was decorated with elaborate woven coconut fronds and the flags of Pitcairn, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Australia and Britain were hanging at the front. We got off to a late start as the flag for the flag pole had not turned up.

Those that laid a wreath are pictured here with the sea scouts.  Bill Lambie is the Policeman and Doctor Kevin Donovan is in his Navy uniform. Elderly Len brown is holding the youngest of the Pitcairners, Isabel Christian.

Mayor Mike Warren gave a good speech about the meaning of ANZAC Day. The Sea Scouts walked in smart parade fashion and called out the names of those from Pitcairn who served in the wars. Paul lead the people in prayer and the hymn "Abide With Me".  Others also participated with poems, prayers and hymns.  A poignant moment was when our youngest resident, Isabel Christian and Len Brown, the oldest on the island, together walked across the square and placed the first wreath in front of the Bounty anchor. It was a special service and we celebrated with a cuppa and a biscuit afterwards.  Which reminds me... I must ask Betty Christian for her ANZAC biscuit recipe.

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