Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bounty Bay Pitcairn Island

Bounty Bay

The only place to come ashore at Pitcairn Island is at Bounty Bay.  This is not a large bay at all.  It is just a pocket sized indentation in the rugged rocky coastline.  Over the years the wharf has been enlarged and re-shaped and is made from solid concrete.  The end is shaped like a large round bulge to help break up the strong waves which surge into the bay.  Strong waves break over the rounded end and dump seaweed onto the wharf.  The concrete is slippery at the end from being constantly wet.
On the seaward side of the wharf are large truck tyres suspended as buffers for the longboats or other craft coming alongside.
Bounty Bay is one place where we can swim.  The best way to enter the water is to jump off the side of the wharf.  Getting out is a little trickier as you need to either climb up the tyres, or time the waves right and go up the rocky beach.
The whole 9 weeks we have been here the waves have been constant and strong.  We have not seen a flat calm sea yet.  On one day when the waves were low inside the bay we launched my kayak and I had a paddle within the confines of Bounty Bay.

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